Bicetre have currently recorded and produced various cover songs.

The songs chosen are a mix of pop, rock, industrial / electronic. They are currently working on putting together an album of their own material.

Lou Druid's production is captivating, powerful with heavy guitar and an array of electronic genius.

Sof Strait's vocals are powerful with no restraint as you can clearly hear in their cover of the Nirvana song "Lithium", this has a hardcore rock and punk element to it, yet in their cover of the song "Back To Black" her vocals are soulful and full of sentiment.

Their latest recording is a cover of the massive hit "Nothing Compares 2 U", this was done as a tribute to Prince. Sof Strait's vocals are haunting and compelling, you can feel the heartache and sadness that draws you into that emotion. 

The guitar solo clearly pays homage to Prince and makes the song all the more compelling.  

Bicetre's music is available to hear on Soundcloud.             

Their Music 

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Lou Druid


Bicetre Soundcloud
Bicetre Soundcloud

Sof Strait started off singing in various bands and has written her own material but she was never quite happy with the sound and feel of those songs. She stopped singing for quiet some time until she met Lou Druid and when the subject of music came up Sof mentioned she had sung in the past. They decided to do some test recordings and were so pleased with the outcome that they decided to work together and so here we have Bicetre!         

Lou Druid started off playing in various rock bands as a teenager and is a self taught guitarist / musician. He has worked with various singers and musicians before working with Sof Strait as part of Bicetre. Lou's musical style is often dark with an industrial sound yet heavy guitar riffs feature heavily throughout. In their version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" the guitar solo steals the show and makes the song even more emotive.        


​​​​Sof Strait